This gleaming, sassy and sophisticated silhouette, with hammered detail on her gown, represents the confidence and radiance of a woman whom has found her way through the fiery trails of love gone wrong. A woman who without a doubt has found her own "SKIN" and is now comfortably glowing in it, a woman who can lift the weight off her own shoulders and helps others to do the same..She is smart, sassy, sexy, strong, classy and genuine.

Atop of this beautiful shiny Sterling Sliver .925 silhouette you will notice Lisa Mahri's signature scroll as the head of the silhouette. Along with the Charm "Skin" comes a Sterling Silver .925 clasp with a snap-lock, pull open mechanism making it simple to secure to your charm bracelet, It can also be pulled open and added to a chain to be worn as a small pendant if you wish.

Along with this sassy charm comes the Poem "SKIN" on a beautiful scroll. 

PLEASE NOTE: Charms with the interchangeable clasp are recommended for use only with the "Cable Charm Bracelet". If ordering for the "Ringlet Bracelet" or "Hollow Link Bracelet", charm(s) will come with a Teardrop Lobster Clasp. Please specify your selection.

Size: 3cm
Material: Sterling 57 .925 Silver

$ 115.00