"SHARDS" is a beautiful multi dimensional piece which starts at the center where you will notice a shining strong heart that remains intact even though the "SHARDS" surrounding it were once the very shards that filled it. All surrounded by a beautiful gleaming square frame. This piece symbolizes strength, conviction, determination and self love.

The "SHARDS" charm is adorned atop with Lisa Mahri's signature scroll attached to her scroll is an interchangeable sterling sliver .925 clasp with a snap lock pull open mechanism making it easy yet secure to attach to the charm bracelet. This charm can also be worn as a smaller version of the pendant when attached to a necklace if you wish.

The "SHARDS" charm also comes along with the Poem on a beautiful scroll.

PLEASE NOTE: Charms with the interchangeable clasp are recommended for use only with the "Cable Charm Bracelet". If ordering for the "Ringlet Bracelet" or "Hollow Link Bracelet", charm(s) will come with a Teardrop Lobster Clasp. Please specify your selection.

Size: 2.5cm
Material: Sterling 57 .925 Silver

$ 300.00