Lisa Mahri's "TWISTED" charm is a creative and unique version of a heart that has been "TWISTED", yet still attached to the other half via the 10K Gold knot which symbolizes either promises made and or the obligations that come along with a relationship or a marriage despite the decay and the ruins of the relationship......"TWISTED" is exactly what this charm's smooth lines portray...a "Twisted" heart.

"TWISTED" is adorned by Lisa Mahri's signature scroll which has attached an interchangeable .925 sterling silver clasp with a snap lock/pull open mechanism making it simple and secure to wear as a charm on the charm bracelet or switching to a necklace, and worn as a small pendant if you so wish.

Along with the "TWISTED" charm comes the poem "TWISTED" on a beautiful scroll.

PLEASE NOTE: Charms with the interchangeable clasp are recommended for use only with the "Cable Charm Bracelet". If ordering for the "Ringlet Bracelet" or "Hollow Link Bracelet", charm(s) will come with a Teardrop Lobster Clasp. Please specify your selection.

Size: 3cm
Material: Sterling 57 .925 Silver & 10k gold

$ 325.00