Intrikit Heart -Solid Sterling Silver .925 with a Black Rhodium finish and a White Topaz Pave and 3mm Sapphire Center Stone

This gorgeous "INTRIKIT HEART" pendant holds many tales. Some happy... some sad... maybe some mysteriously unfair... and yet some so beautiful and rare. The "INTRIKIT HEART" pendant expresses love and the intricacies that can be experienced along with it. The "INTRIKIT HEART" also bares charms that hold some of these complex feelings that our hearts may have experienced. Some are "Battle Charms", some are "Passion Charms" and some are charms of empowerment. The beautiful and fluid shiny curves of the "INTRIKIT HEART" symbolize grace and elegance through both good times and hard times. The curvey question mark piercing the heart smybolizes the questions that come along with these experiences, and the long curvey tail of the "INTRIKIT HEART" ... symbolizing your special "tales."

The "INTRIKIT HEART" pendant comes in various styles, some with stones, some without, all choices are beautiful and represent the above description. The "INTRIKIT HEART" pendant comes with a .925 sterling silver 1.2 mm 18"L diamond cut rope chain. Along with "INTRIKIT HEART" comes the poem "INTRIKIT" on a beautiful scroll.

Size: 5.5cm L
Material: Sterling 57 .925 Silver Plated with Black Rhodium

$ 1,325.00